Woodshed: New Coffee Place at Rangoon Road

I didn’t expect much from the Wood Shed at 204 Rangoon Road, but was impressed. It looks like a furniture store from the outside (I think it probably was) and very tiny, but there’s actually a huge space inside and the way the furniture is placed makes the cafe rather inviting. Another thing that I first spotted was the brilliant hued rainbow cake that compelled me to buy it even though I was stuffed to the gills. The coffee was pretty smooth and not bitter (I didn’t need to add sugar) and the fruity hibiscus iced tea was refreshing. The owners of the place were very attentive, polite and welcoming, but at the same time unobtrusive and you’re left on your own to relax and I saw many young people on their laptops here. You don’t feel at all rushed here like you would at some other cramped tiny cafes.

The ambience and laid back with a hipster vibe (mix max of chairs and a high ceiling).

I prefer the taste of the rainbow cake at Coffee Daily but this one is cheaper ($8.50 compared to $10) and looks a lot more impressive (more Instagram worthy).  I like butter icing of the pastel rainbow Coffee Daily cake more, and when the colours of a cake are more vibrant I think they need to use more colouring.

I would definitely come here again, especially after lunch at Ng Ah Sio Pork Rib soup place next door. Actually I wouldn’t mind having a sandwich here or perhaps try the lemon tart.














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The Drinking Market: Just walked by

We just walked by as it was near the Tall Girl Cuisine restaurant I just blogged about. Haven’t tried this place yet but it looks interesting. Not the usual Thai Restaurant but we didn’t go in because I don’t think there was air-conditioning. I was wrong. There is air-conditioning inside but with the open door concept we didn’t feel the cold air.


Also saw this fruit store with Thai honey mangoes for sale.


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Tall Girl Cuisine or Eastern Northern Dumpling Restaurant

East Coast Road seems to be a food hub to me. Yet another place B wanted to try out as it’s supposed to be pretty authentic and he read rave reviews online saying it’s run by a family from China and they make fantastic dumplings. I have to say the service here is welcoming and you get a homely feel. The meal was definitely healthy with hardly any oil in the noodles.

For me, the spice fiend, the noodle dish didn’t match up to what I had in Beijing. I think it’s because they didn’t use chilli oil and even what was provided on the table was very mild. And I found the dumpling skin too thick. Perhaps I’m used to a certain style.

What I had at the People’s Park hawker centre came closer for me. Even B who would rather taste the food than add too much spice, wasn’t as impressed as he thought he would be. The place seems to be popular though, from descriptions online, but it was pretty empty when we were there (we were early though).

I prefer to get my La Mian (handmade noodle) fix at Paradise Dynasty but I think that has been modified for the Singapore palate.

Even though we used GPS we couldn’t find the place as we were looking out for Eastern Northern Dumpling but should have looked out for the, easier to spot, Tall Girl Cuisine sign instead. Hopefully my photos will help you spot the place. Also I was curious about the name and from the Facebook page I gather that it’s named after the owner (wife of owner?) who is indeed a tall girl but not that tall.











224 East Cost Road, Singapore 428921

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It’s Been So Terribly Hot


Rain is most welcome.

Been the hottest March. 34 degrees at Noon.  

Actually rain in my book is always welcome.

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Excited to Have Reached 2 Million Views

So glad I didn’t completely abandon the blog. Hoping to revive it and so grateful for readers who remained loyal even though I went missing for weeks at a time. Thank you so much.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.46.46 am

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Cantonese Milk Pudding

It was my first time trying Cantonese Milk Pudding and I liked it. The texture is like soya bean curd but the taste is very milky. The walnuts were not necessary as this was good plain. This was actually what my partner ordered and as he claimed I always prefer his dessert. I had ordered the mango pomelo sago instead. I found the pomelo too sour even though the mango was sweet. I prefer the honey dew sago I’ve had elsewhere – somehow I think pomelo is for people who like the sourish taste.

We came here (Honeymoon Dessert Vivo branch) because it was empty while just across, St Marc’s Cafe at Vivo was packed as usual.




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Devoured the ribs at Dan Ryan’s and then realised I forgot to take a picture

The ribs were so good I forgot to take a picture. This is and instance of my pure greed especially since we were sharing a slab.

Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill is what I would pick over Chillis at Tanglin mall (stone’s throw away). Not as crowded or noisy (lovely and dimly lit with roomy booth seats).  Prompt professional and polite service. But then again Chillis at the Tanglin mall branch has pretty good service too.

I find the food tastier, especially the salad and the ribs. I wish the Nachos came with more cheese and jalapeños though. Next time I will skip the dessert – brownies with ice cream was just too ‘heaty’ (overly rich). I need to try the ribs at Tony Romas again, my sister thinks they have the best ribs. The last time I went there wasmore than 3 years ago.

I always thought Dan Ryan’s was an American joint from the US. But it seems it was created in Hong Kong in 1989 with restaurants in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. I must say they did a fabulous job in terms of authenticity and food quality. I think Americans might find it overpriced though.

IMG_9171 IMG_9168 IMG_9169 IMG_9166 IMG_9167 IMG_9170 IMG_9172


91 Tanglin Rd, #B1-01 Tanglin Place (next to Regent Hotel)
Singapore 247918
Tel: 6738 2800

Opening Hours:

11:30am – 12am (Mon to Sat)
11am – 12am (Sun and Public Holiday)

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Kay Lee at Suntec: Kinda Pathetic Portions and Not As Fantastic as the Original

We need to make a trip to the original coffee shop at Paya Lebar where the original chef owners still help out. The outlet at Suntec City, although more comfortable in terms of seats and air-conditioning was a huge disappointment (although the coffeeshop environment is what I usually prefer).

Three pathetic cucumbers fanned out (raw and not soaked in any sauce like you would find at the coffee shop) and a miserable portion of char siew. Cost more too, $6.80 as opposed to $5 at the coffeeshop but I’m thinking the coffee shop would give a bigger portion (need to confirm this with a visit). They also charged us 50 cents for water and we overheard them telling a customer that tap water is not served and they have to buy a bottle of mineral water. The chinese tea was also pathetic – tea bag in hot water. I have to find something positive now – service was polite, and I guess it’s not the fault of the servers or even the chefs as they might be under a tight budget and told to stick to certain portions?

And I think we were expecting more because we previously found Kay Lee char siew to be the best we’ve ever had. This time it was not fatty enough or perhaps not enough of that delicious thick sauce. I guess the new owners are trying to recover costs after buying over the business for 4 million but I think they need to go back to basics or loose the customer base (the place was pretty empty when we were there during lunch hour). I am rooting for them though and hope they improve at this upscale outlet since the new owners have expressed they want to preserve the brand.

My partner commented that perhaps being sold to a group that doesn’t specialise in restaurants is the issue. They need to hire the right food service managers or their huge investment might go to waste. Or they may need to bring in the original owners as consultants at the Suntec branch for quality control? To be fair these may just be teething problems but I find this the case in any brand that expands fast.





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Wispy Evening Clouds

Evenings in Singapore are pretty hot. It only gets cool after 7.30pm when the sun has set. The sky has been undeniably pretty though, with those wispy cirrus clouds.

IMG_9175 IMG_9176 IMG_9177

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Gave in to Fried Chicken Craving

And yet again, regret it so much. Was planning to have a sandwich at Quiznos (Novena Square 2) but we couldn’t take the wafting, extremely tempting fried chicken scent from the nearby Popeyes.  My resolve is not that strong and I’m unable to watch him eat while I have a healthier option instead.

Popeye’s Chicken is much tastier than KFC but it was so terribly oily and I was put off seeing the layer of fat on the inside of the cripsy skin.  I have nothing negative to say about the mash potatoes though – really good, especially the gravy. Again much tastier than KFC (which used to be good but has gone downhill in the past decades).

They have changed the recipe of the biscuit and perhaps they have copied Texas Chicken by adding maple syrup to it. I still prefer the biscuit at Texas Chicken and even better are the corn muffins at Kenny Rogers. (If I want to sin it has to be worth it – I guess it’s why I food blog quite a bit).

IMG_9152 IMG_9151

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