Chinese New Year in Singapore 2015


Decided to put all my Chinese New Year, year of the goat posts in one post starting with the oldest one:

The Goats are Out in Chinatown

Happy Goat Buns at BreadTalk

Creative Goat Display for Chinese New Year

Another Visit to Chinatown

Walking through the Bazaar at Chinatown

Cartoon Like Sheep at Star Vista

Chinese New Year Goodies at Ang Mo Kio Hub’s NTUC

CNY2015: Wisma Atria

Year of the Goat: Swatch Store at ION

CNY Bazaar at Takashimaya

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Dan Dan Mian & Dumplings at Crystal Jade

Wanted to try the Xiao Long Bao and Dan Dan Mian at Crystal Jade to compare it with what I’ve been having at paradise Dynasty. I prefer the texture of the noodles at paradise dynasty, but I prefer the soupier version of the Sichuan Noodles here. Went to the Xiao Long Bao and La Mien branch at Ngee Ann City Level 4. The Xiao Long Bao here is one of the best I’ve had – so much of soup it it – you have to be careful not to spill it on yourself.

I’m seriously getting addicted to handmade noodles.

Just for the record, I’m not fond of Din Tai Fung and would rather go to Imperial Treasure, Crystal Jade or Paradise Dynasty. I noticed that on previous occasions we queued for ages outside Din Tai Fung only to find that when we were finally let in, there were so many empty tables. Crystal Jade and Imperial Treasure on the other hand always seem to be truly packed to the gills. I guess the people know what they want.

Also for the record I have to add that my mum, sister, cousin etc. love Din Tai Fung.




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CNY2015: Bazaar & Goats at Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City)

I refer to Ngee Ann City as Takashimaya although the department store is only part of it. Just for ease of reference. You can truly feel the Chinese New Year buzz here with their yearly bazaar at the basement atrium.

Some very cool year of the goat window displays too.













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Year of the Goat: Swatch Store at ION

The goat was pretty cool.


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CNY2015: Wisma Atria

If you want to feel the festive cheer walk through Wisma Atria. Snapped at some of the more interesting window displays we saw at Wisma.








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Chinese New Year Goodies at Ang Mo Kio Hub’s NTUC

Among all these the one that tempts me the most are the pineapple tarts by Glory, although I think my aunt makes far superior melt in your mouth tarts.
















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Disappointed by Ramen at Chabuton

Had a disappointing meal at Star Vista’s Chabuton. Found the soup too salty and the smell of the pork too overpowering. Perhaps I am just not used to this version (I’ve read that Ramen in Japan tends to be more salty) or is there something wrong in the execution? It’s supposed to be a famous chain.

The gyoza was pretty paltry too. Service was very good and polite though, so I feel rather bad saying this. Had anyone else had a good meal here – perhaps it was a one off thing? Another positive is free iced water – a whole jug in fact.



Just don’t like the feeling of wasting my precious calories and the meal is not cheap, so I had to be honest.

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CNY 2015: Cartoon Like Sheep at Star Vista

It’s the year of the goat sheep or ram, but it seems like most stores prefer the cute cuddly sheep. I thought the decorations at Star Vista were rather unique and charming. Toy soldiers at Christmas have been changed into the Gold of Fortune. The lights change colours and kiddos will love this.

IMG_7599 IMG_7596 IMG_7604 IMG_7587 IMG_7603 IMG_7602 IMG_7601 IMG_7586 IMG_7600

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Leaning Frangipani Trees

Saw these just outside Lorong Chuan MRT Station. Wonder if they are bending to get more sunlight.


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Best Rojak in Singapore

It’s not my favourite food (more like my mum’s), but if I am to have it I want the best which can be found at Airport Road Hawker Centre. They have a queue system in place (like in a clinic). You pick a card with a number, wait for it to appear on the screen, then go up to the counter and your rojak will be made fresh on the spot. I got the largest portion at $5.

Before I never realised that there’s quite a bit of sugar in rojak and the secret of it’s deliciousness is the prawn paste. I think the yu tiao is perfectly grilled too.

This won’t taste as good if you buy it take away as the yu tiao will get cold.

IMG_7630 IMG_7628 IMG_7629 IMG_7627

I haven’t had this in a while. That’s the great thing about a blog – you can go back and revisit your old posts and see if your opinions have changed.

Here’s a very informative review by Hungry Island about the chefs behind this dish.

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