For Anyone Who Has Felt They Don’t Fit In

That’s me all the time. That I don’t fit in or don’t measure up in this world. That no one recognises your value. A value you doubt yourself on a daily basis. Perhaps there’s a planet out there where I do belong, and wonderful like minded folk could join me.  Folks who have been rejected for being true to themselves, true to their values, in spite of the disdain it might bring.

This song by Mindy Gledhill made me tear as it encapsulates how I feel right now. Hope it will make you feel not so alone, not so dejected, if something has brought you down today. If you think you’re weird, maybe it’s a good thing – weird and wonderful. There’s so much more to you than the material world’s classifications.

Besides the compelling lyrics, her voice is just so sweet, magical and soothing.

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9 Thoughts Running Through My Head Right Now

1. I am impatient for perfection

2. I am constantly thinking and pondering

3. I feel immediate relief when I declutter a little  – even if it’s just the tip of the iceberg

4. I am overwhelmed and excited by the millions of things I desire to achieve (see #2)

5. I feel time slipping away and struggle to live in the moment

6. I remember everything – it can be a gift and a burden

7. I feel the blog sucks and I don’t have the ability or enough time to make it as good as I want it to be (see #1)

8. I don’t want to just blog about what I eat, but I won’t stop the food posts

9. I am extremely self conscious

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Tony’s Pizza: Sadly Disappointing

B has been complaining that he has been unable to have a real american style pizza with a dense chewy crust as health conscious folks have made all the crusts so thin and almost biscuit like. I too feel that other than Dominoes, it’s hard to find cheesy doughy pizza of a quality you find in the US or Australia.

I so wanted Tony’s Pizza to be our go to place, but sadly it didn’t live up to expectations (read some rave reviews previously so have been meaning to try this pizza for a long time). The only thing going for it is the size – it’s really huge. To be honest it was all right (healthy and not oily), but just didn’t live up to our expectations, especially considering the higher prices.

The booths seats on the side were super tiny and squeezy though. Definitely not what you would find in the States.

It’s rather hard to find at first, but the restaurant is located at the very front entrance of Bugis Junction – you can spot it from the road.

IMG_0402 IMG_0401 IMG_0399 IMG_0398 IMG_0397 IMG_0396 IMG_0395

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Need to Get Inspired Again

My blog has been feeling tired and I have a desire to make it fresh again.  My family members have commented that it’s mostly pictures and less of my thoughts.

I really have been slacking.

Well more a sense of not feeling free.

I have been feeling protective of my thoughts and don’t feel like undergoing the scrutiny and judgement that comes with wholeheartedly expressing what I feel.  This must be why many bloggers have resorted to locked posts with passwords.  Seems a good idea if you want to pour your heart out without limitations.

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Blog Visitors

WordPress Stats gives me some insight that most of my readers are from Singapore followed by the US and than Malaysia. These are stats for slightly more than half a year (2015) since we’ve crossed into July already.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 7.02.39 pm



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Durians at Chong Pang City

You can’t help by crave for durian during this bumper crop season. Chong Pang City (Sembawang) is a good place to get durians as cheap as a dollar. We tried the $10 durian called D101 and that was creamy and pretty awesome. Pretty close to Mao Shan although the best durian I’ve tried is Mao Shan which is not in the least watery and just the right density.

To save time just buy the durians without having them cut and the fruit packed for you. If you do this you have to wait at least 30 to 40 minutes in a queue which moves slowly as the people in front have each bought at least 10 durians. But you need the skill to cut the durian and this saves you the trouble. But if you’ve having a durian party and you want to show the kids how it’s actually done, doing it yourself will be a good idea.

We bought 5 and got a discount of $5 ($45 for 5 D101 durians)






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Dum Briyani: Yakader at Tekka Market

Back the millionth time to Yakader at Tekka Market which is a testament to how much we like it. Messy looking, but extremely delicious to us. You can go back to the stall for a top up of the ‘talchar’ (dhal gravy that you’ve given in a bowl).


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llao llao

Finally tried out the famous frozen yoghurt from Spain. I wasn’t impressed but it’s definitely zero fat. I prefer my yoghurt full fat and no sugar (and I like to have it with my South Indian rice meal) instead of fat free and pumped with sugar.

The branch at Plaza Singapura has a few seats which you can nab if you’re lucky.

IMG_9929 IMG_9917 IMG_9915 IMG_9914 IMG_9913

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Golden Mile Hawker Centre: Fish Ball Story

Tried the famous Fishball story noodles and chilli mee at Golden Mile hawker centre. Think I have a preference for wan tan mee when it comes to noodles. This is for bak chor mee fans who like a savoury rather than sweet base.  This place is also famous for tulang and I snapped pictures of other options for lunch here.



















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Venchi Chocolate Gelato

This was one of the best chocolate gelatos I had (during a trip to Rome) and I was excited to see that Robinson’s had a counter (wish it was a cafe though). The chocolate was so thick that the way they scooped it made it look not so appealing but it was really good – filled with real chocolate.

The cakes flown in from UK look mighty tempting but more for takeaway I guess.

IMG_9897 IMG_9901 IMG_9899 IMG_9898 IMG_9896

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