Best Rojak in Singapore

It’s not my favourite food (more like my mum’s), but if I am to have it I want the best which can be found at Airport Road Hawker Centre. They have a queue system in place (like in a clinic). You pick a card with a number, wait for it to appear on the screen, then go up to the counter and your rojak will be made fresh on the spot. I got the largest portion at $5.

Before I never realised that there’s quite a bit of sugar in rojak and the secret of it’s deliciousness is the prawn paste. I think the yu tiao is perfectly grilled too.

This won’t taste as good if you buy it take away as the yu tiao will get cold.

IMG_7630 IMG_7628 IMG_7629 IMG_7627

I haven’t had this in a while. That’s the great thing about a blog – you can go back and revisit your old posts and see if your opinions have changed.

Here’s a very informative review by Hungry Island about the chefs behind this dish.

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Wan Tan Mee at Chinatown

My top pick for local noodles is wan tan mee. Even the not so great versions will satisfy me. Had this near the Chee Chong Fun stall at the Chinatown Complex Market. It’s pretty old style.

I’m still hankering for the versions I’ve had in Malaysia although this one was comparable in the sense that the noodles and lean slices of char siew were thinner.


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Cool Stuff at the Chinatown Visitor Centre

It’s fun to look at trinkets that tourists might buy. I thought that the souvenirs sold at the Chinatown tourist office (next to the Chinatown Complex/Market/hawker centre) were pretty neat.

IMG_7498 IMG_7501 IMG_7500 IMG_7499 IMG_7497 IMG_7502

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Walking Through the Bazaar at Chinatown

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, walking through the Chinatown bazaar pre Chinese New Year is a rather fun activity.  Spotted more goat themed decorations.

IMG_7496 IMG_7494 IMG_7493 IMG_7491 IMG_7490 IMG_7489 IMG_7488 IMG_7485 IMG_7484 IMG_7483 IMG_7482 IMG_7481 IMG_7480 IMG_7479


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CNY2015: Another Visit to Chinatown

Wanted to see if more decorations were up so we headed to Chinatown. This time there were lucky coins in the air and the best view was from the overhead bridge. I also loved how the traditional lanterns strung up on diagonal patterns shone in the sun.

Right now, a few weeks before Chinese New Year is a great time to visit Singapore and especially vibrant Chinatown. During one Chinese New Year about two decades ago, we went to Taiwan and that was truly a lovely experience as street scene were captivating and the temperature was perfect.












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New Space to Relax: Lovely Parkland Green

I had no idea that Parkland Green existed till B suggested we go there. Parts of it hardly looked like Singapore. I loved the section of trees that in a distance made me feel like I was transported to a woody forest in Europe.

The beach was so lovely at dusk. This is a part of East Coast Beach that is just behind the Parkway Parade Shopping Centre (you can spot it in the background)

I prefer the cafes to the bars, but it seems that there’s a huge crowd here for the drinks and it got boisterous as dusk fell.


920 East Coast Parkway Singapore 449875




















Here are some other blog posts by Singapore bloggers about Parkland Green:

Ordinary Patrons
365 Days 2 Play

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Paradise Dynasty at Vivo City: Spicy Handmade Noodles

After their alleged not paying for gas scandal in the newspapers I was hoping this chain wouldn’t close. They do serve good food even though as many have pointed out, service is lacking. For us it was polite but they tried to squeeze us between two couples even though the restaurant was very empty at the time and there were tons of better seats (it’s a huge restaurant). Glad they allowed us to have a booth in the end. If not I would have decided to just eat someplace else as dining is an experience and not just about the food. It’s not that cheap either – in a hawker centre we would have no right to complain for instance.

I find this trying to squeeze patrons together my pet peeve in Singapore. Perhaps some don’t mind, but I find it too close for comfort when your every word can can be heard by the person next to you even if you lower your voice (I sound like a broken recorder I know).

Also they forgot my order and it arrived late. But all is forgiven when the food quality is good and your craving is satisfied.

I usually go for the Dan Dan Mian, but this time I tried the dry version of the la main (handmade noodles) with spicy dumplings. It was very yummy, but I do miss having a bit of soup.


We also ordered our usual dessert- red bean and banana soufflé balls but I actually forgot to take a picture (which happens when the food is extra good and you just want to dig in immediately). You can have a look at photos I took at the One KM branch.

I actually miss what I had in Beijing which was very much spicier.

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Creative Goat Display for Chinese New Year

The most creative window display for the year of the goat so far. Loved the display at Marks and Spensers at Vivo City.


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Ben & Jerry’s Cafe at Vivo City

My weakness for ice cream lately. The chocolate was too rich (looked very tempting though)The strawberry cheesecake is B’s favourite flavour although he thinks it’s very sweet. It was the only Cafe that was not packed to the gills. A pity that they don’t have free ice water. It seems that ice cream stores these days make money selling you bottled water because ice cream makes you so thirsty.


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Collectible Toys at Vivo City

There’s a new toy shop at Vivo City and I think it’s where the Canon Store used to be. I wonder if people are now ditching cameras and using their smart phones which often have superior cameras than the very basic models and are just more convenient since you already have a phone on you all the time.

I’m fascinated by these toys that look so realistic and I believe hand painted. Truly a craft.

There are two shops but this was the bigger one (called Simply Toys?) that looked like a museum almost with huge iron man and darth vadar on display.  I could hear kids squealing with awe as they pointed to the figures.

IMG_7522 IMG_7521

This was at the second collectible store (Action City?) that used to be here before.


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