Chuan Kee Satay

For a change it’s nice to have Chinese Style Chicken and Pork Satay with the pineapple peanut gravy. I usually don’t go for Pork but it was good and I see why this stall at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre is often recommended. The lady taking the orders (owner’s wife?) was very welcoming and friendly.

IMG_9606 IMG_9604

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Tony Romas (Orchard Central)

Good meal starting off with really fresh chewy bread and an aromatic garlic butter. The ribs here are always good and the root beet float was fantastic (after not having one for ages).  I was not really feeling the spinach dip for the tortilla chips (prefer cheesy nachos). The cookie skillet dessert was an overkill – way too stuffed by then and it was way too cloying.  A great meal but I still think that Dan Ryan’s is the tops for American causal dining in Singapore.








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Jai Thai at East Coast Road

This is my second time to a Jai Thai restaurant but my first time to a branch in the East.  The last time I was a bit disappointed but this time I found the meal fantastic and the service excellent.  The owner was very welcoming.

My partner found the green curry too sweet but tasty and the Tom Yam soup too spicy (but I like things punishingly spicy).  The mango sticky rice was divine (especially the rice part).

The pineapple rice was very yummy and much better than what we had recently at Nanas at Golden Mile Complex. I wish I could have more. The basil tofu was pretty fragrant too and I look forward to a visit here again.

IMG_9300 IMG_9299 IMG_9295 IMG_9294 IMG_9301 IMG_9292 IMG_9293

205 East Coast Road
Singapore 428904


Tue – Sun / PH
11:30am – 3pm
6pm – 10pm
(Last Order 9:30pm)

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Aperia Mall seems Rather Dull

Don’t think I want to come here again. Think it’s more for residents living in the attached condo or office workers who work in the area and now have another option for lunch.

The only attraction seems to be Tim Ho Wan but since I prefer Crystal Jade or Imperial Treasure it’s not a pull factor for me.

It’s not crowded on a weekend so that’s a good thing.

The food court is spacious and has a nice view though, but like all food courts rock hard seats where you can’t linger for a chat over drinks for long. Perhaps this is why students don’t flock here to study. Ventilation at food courts also tends to be poor with the intermingling of different food smells in the air-conditioned stale air.

Like the old fogeys that we are, B grumbled that Aperia is a terrible name that is so hard to pronounce. A small detail, but I have to agree.







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Sights at Golden Mile Complex

B got some toothpaste with salt in it that he only seemed to be able to find here. He said that in the old days when there was no toothpaste people brushed their teeth with salt.

I was so tempted by the mango sticky rice.




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Nana’s at Golden Mile Complex

Thai lunch at Nanas. Not as good as what I recalled from the last time when the green curry arrived in a claypot. Also the cook seems to be a Singaporean? I guess I’m biased, hoping for a Thai chef? Also there was not enough basil (or fragrance of basil) in the basil chicken which cost a whopping $10. The Thai Iced Tea price was cheap though at S$1.50. Think I much preferred what I had at Jai Thai recently. B felt the menu was kinda limited.






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Wan Ton Mee: Hua Kee vs Kok Kee

Was craving for Kok Kee wan tan mee which is my favourite now, but since it was closed we headed to Old Airport Road instead. I haven’t tried the stall next to this one recently and the last two times I just had this one due to reviews online.

This wan tan mee is more savoury than the old style type which includes ketchup. I prefer Kok Kee’s version which is more complex with a sweetness to it as well. But wan tan mee is my favourite type of noodles, so it still will satisfy my craving.

Photos from a visit a week ago. My partner said the lady who took his order was very rude.




Photos from the most recent visit when I was disappointed by Kok Kee being closed after we drove all the way there. This time I did the ordering as B decided to have his favourite Lor Mee instead (I don’t care for Lor Mee and that queue is like a crazy half an hour long) and the lady at the counter was polite (I think it’s a different person? perhaps not the owner and someone they hired to take orders?)



Now here are pictures of my absolute favourite Kok Kee Wan Tan Mee as a comparison (I am still drooling over this thinking about that perfect combination). Why are they always closed or perhaps we are just there too early? It’s always a sinking feeling to see the coffee shop empty and no light at the store.



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Blog Traffic

I am only able to view my WordPress Stats through the free site. Don’t quite know why, but since my last update I can’t seem to access it from my site on a domain bought from Go Daddy. So decided to do a screen capture in case I’m unable to retrieve stats in the future. I shouldn’t be obsessed over them but they are a good motivator and an indication of what the audience likes to read. But what I’ve learnt is the simple rule that when you neglect your blog, viewership falls. But you can pick right back up if you post relevant content and on a daily or more basis.

It’s hard these days (especially when it’s just a hobby you’re doing for free) and I often neglect the blog for a week before going on a posting binge. I find that easier.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 7.37.16 pm

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Fantastic Malay Food at Haig Road Market

If you want fantastic Malay or Halal food and snacks head to Haig Road market. It’s cramped and crowded but the other patrons are very friendly. We ate too much but couldn’t resist having the famous Mee Rebus (which my partner loved for the sauce), Indian Rojak (tasted fresh somehow although I would have liked the sauce to be spicier), and Goreng Pisang (fantastic). Had very good Teh Alia too but absolutely no space for the Puttu Piring. Have tried the puttu piring before as my uncle always queues up to buy this for us. Makes me have new appreciation for his patience as the market can get very hot and sweltering and just look at the queue which will probably be worse closer to dinner time or during the weekends. We were there early on a Friday and it was already packed.

We parked at the OneKM mall and walked over.










Haig Road Market
14 Haig Rd
Singapore 430014

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Thai Fried Bananas in Singapore

The thai fried banana snack we had from the stall outside the Golden Mile Complex supermarket was heavenly. The ladies here prepare the desserts with a smile. Just 2 dollars for a packet of about 5 pieces. My partner thinks the batter makes all the difference.






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