I Hardly Know Anything About Chicago

My impression of Chicago is:

1. Deliciously cold weather unlike Singapore, with snowy winters
2. Land of Oprah
3. Deep dish pizzas
4. Basketball – the Chicago Bulls?
5. Very high crime rates in some areas away from the city?

It’s embarrassing to reveal my ignorance, but it’s always fascinating to fill the gaps and it’s so easy now with google.

I wasn’t sure if President Obama was from Chicago but he is, although he was born in Hawaii.

Here are some fascinating lists about Chicago:

1. 50 Reasons Chicago is Second to No City

2. 12 Reasons Chicago Outshines NYC

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Other Bloggers’ Trips: New Orleans

One way of wetting your appetite before a big trip is to read about it on other people’s blogs. I came across some gems with the most enticing photos and words that appealed to my senses:

The architecture, culture and of course the food seem intoxicating. It’s one of those holidays where you just have to linger over your meal.

Travel Diaries: New Orleans Part 1
Travel Diaries: New Orleans Part 2


Especially the food bloggers:

Cafe Du Monde Brunch in New Orleans

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Fun Travel Lists: New Orleans

Lists are a pretty fun way to get to know a city. Before any trip I always wet my appetite with lists. Also it’s easier to read lists online than a whole chunk of text.

9 New Orleans Foods You’ve Gotto Try

10 Reasons I Am Thankful to Live in New Orleans

18 Signs New Orleans is Your City

25 Things You Should Know About New Orleans

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I Don’t Know Much About New Orleans

If I’ve never travelled somewhere, there’s just a vague picture of it in my mind based on what I’ve seen on TV or read in a book. If it’s not a huge city like New York for instance, and a place hardly featured on Singapore TV and never mentioned in books I’ve read, then the image is even hazier. But in a way it’s great not to have been everywhere as some places retain their mystery and wonder for me.

I’m pretty embarrassed to say that when you mention New Orleans all I know is jazz, Hurricane Katrina, the work Brad Pitt was doing with the rebuilding and architecture, gumbo and perhaps good pork ribs? I also imagined the place to be swelteringly hot.

I searched a bit online and now I know that NOLA stands for New Orleans Louisiana. (I’m really revealing my ignorance here.) I guess like the people who think Singapore is a city in China? There is also lots to see like the French Quarter, Old Plantations with huge oak trees and swamps filled with crocodiles. And I had no clue beignets (a kind of doughnut with lots of icing sugar on top made fresh) existed and how much I am now craving for one.

New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana. It’s culturally fascinating with influences from Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. I guess, it’s a melting pot like Singapore.

According to accuweather, it’s not as hot as I imagined. Right now it’s pretty lovely and cool by Singapore standards. Early May temperatures are still under 30 but things heat up mid May onwards. It’s no wonder that high season is February to May. August is the hottest month at about 33 degrees and the coolest, January with 17 degree highs (that’s the time I would pick). August and September I would avoid due to the heat and potential hurricanes. If you search online, Hurricane Season is stated to be from June to November.


I’ll do more research and perhaps post a few links of interesting sites. The more research I do the more I want to go myself.

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Pinwheel of Death

My iMac is frustrating. It’s always showing the pinwheel of death. It slows down and halts projects for me. I tend to then force quit applications and wonder what further damage I am creating. Yes, I am not that tech smart when it comes to hardware stuff.

But I am still hooked on Apple and will never go back to a PC. PCs were not that great either although there was better ease in managing photo files. But nothing can beat the visually appealing Mac interface. It’s just cooler.

Why do companies make products that only last a couple of years? My aunt was lamenting that back in the day electronic items like refridgerators used to last for years as opposed to present ones that konk off after a few years. Is it due to inferior products due to outsourcing and cost cutting? Or is the goal to make shorter lasting products so that the consumer will keep on buying?

I feel very nervous having read that Hard Drives only last about 3 years. I can’t imagine loosing my precious files and memories. At least Flickr uploads give me a measure of security if all else fails.

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Been Stuck, & About Those Library Books I Need to Return Pronto

The words haven’t been stuck but I’ve been reluctant to share what’s on my mind as it all seems just too self-indulgent or worried my private thoughts may be misconstrued.

Now and then I do get depressed and anxious over life and the path I’ve got stuck on. Often I feel tremendously useless. Often I just wish I could fly away to another country and start over. Wish I had a time machine too because some dreams I am sadly way too old to fulfil now. I just don’t want to have feelings of regret anymore as time is so fleeting. I don’t want to feel trapped anymore.

Been yearning to write but haven’t logged on to this account in a while. I need to write only the truth. Also missed all the blogs I used to read.

24 hours in a day never seems enough in this highly connected new world. I suffer from major information overload and needing to check the internet all the time. When I am away from a wifi connection I sure do feel quite lost and anxious. A feeling that I am missing out on a lot. But at the same time it’s rather freeing.

Borrowed books from the library and hardly read them. Need to return them soon, as I have no idea how to pay for a fine. And the hassle of it all. The thing about borrowing books is that at the back of my mind there’s always this feeling of urgency about having to return them and not wanting to be caught up with a huge fine. I’m always on time, but I’m paranoid that way. I have this irritatingly worrisome nature and long to be carefree. This is why I prefer to buy books that I can own indefinitely and read over and over at my leisure. But with library books I tend to read more. I guess I just overdid it this time. I should just borrow one or two at a time.

I tend to overdo things all the time, or get overwhelmed. I always want to do a number of things and get anxious over the urgency of it all. I also want to do things well and not in a slip shot manner. I guess we all have these urges?

Yes just rambling again and thanks for indulging me as writing for people out there, rather than in my dairy, feels more reassuring.

I have an idea to research travel in countries I have never been to, or might never get to, and blog about it. I like the idea that the information might come in handy to someone. I just love doing research, but was never quite able to get into it as a profession.

I’ll start with New Orleans perhaps, as I know someone who will be venturing there. Maybe I’ll get tips from readers who live there and that would be pretty amazing.

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Happy Year of the Horse

Another glimpse of the magnificent horse at Chinatown.


It’s been cool but today clear skies reigned and it was hard to keep my eyes open in the sun’s glare. So bring out your sunglasses if you’re visiting Singapore.

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Chinese New Year at Takashimaya

The annual fair that we usually check out at the Takashimaya basement end today. You can get huge ang pow packets there.








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Year of the Horse at My Village

Have always felt the decorations at My Village in Serangoon Gardens to be particularly charming.



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Total Opposite of a Social Butterfly

I don’t like bumping into people from my ‘past lives’ (when you’re old enough you will have this). This imp’s blog post reminded me of it and thank goodness I’m not such a misfit after all. There are people with similar inclinations.

When I was in my twenties and earlier I loved people…I loved everyone. Now….I often say I don’t like people. Well more accurately not all people (just the arrogant bullying ones) but I have empathy for people especially the humble ones in bad situations.

What I dread most in engaging in small talk with and being interrogated about my life by nosey parkers (who don’t really truly care about me as they are not always in my life but seem to relish the gossip).

I live in fear of bumping into people I just don’t want to see.

I sound mean but that’s just the honest truth.

But strangely I enjoy interactions with fellow bloggers/writers as then you connect about things that feed your soul…not winning at the rat race, titles, money and other so called material superficial things valued by society (sadly especially Singapore society).

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