Fluffiest Prata by Mr & Mrs Mohgan at Crane Road

I’ve been meaning to try the plain prata at Crane Road (East of Singapore). But being greedy as I am I ordered the egg one as well. The verdict is, the next time I come here it will be all plain because it’s made fresh and so fluffy compared to what you get at most other prata places. I’ve heard about blogs raving about this for some time and my sister has been dying to try it. Perhaps we’ll go again one day soon.


Went with B and he liked the curry that seemed to taste like a mix of curry and dhall?, but I preferred the spicy chicken curry I had at R R Indian Food at Ang Mo Kio.  Maybe if we come earlier one day we can try the fish curry which they say has a tanginess to it. Anyway I prefer to have my prata with sugar sometimes.

For the plain prata I still think that the Sin Ming Roti Prata has a very slight edge in terms of dense chewiness within, but I think this prata will be best for those who like their prata crispy.


The couple here are so polite and nice that it makes you want to patronise the stall again and again. At RR at Ang Mo Kio, and RK at Serangoon Gardens I’ve had terribly abrupt and rude service, so service here was world’s apart and so refreshing.

The environment here was much nicer too – coffeeshop filled with friendly vendors who all seem to be friends (overheard them teasing each other like old buddies when we were there).


I felt that the prata here was not as oily  and they seem to concentrate on prata rather than other stuff like mee goreng and such so the whole place doesn’t feel grimy with oil. Somehow concentrating on one item makes them better at what they do – focus (which I need to apply in my life as well).


The prata also tasted a tad healthier somehow with minimal ghee used and the dough seemed to be prepared fresh by the couple and not from a supplier. They also only open from breakfast till lunch time.  We were lucky to be there just in time before they prepared to close at 1.15pm.

IMG_8634 IMG_8631

There have been so many posts written about this place I feel like I have not done my ‘job’ as a blogger having taken so long to try it.  Well, finally I’m glad I did.

First heard about it here.

And who can resist our blogging buddy’s recommendation after trying out 72 pratas. Now that’s a well researched recommendation and I’m keen to try more on their list. Their photos have got me mega craving for prata every day.



Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Roti Prata
Poh Ho Restaurant
7 Crane Road Singapore 429356

Thursday – Monday: 6.30 am – 1.30 pm
Closed: Tue, Wed
Tel:+65 97943124

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Another Lovely Day at Parkland Green

What I love about Singapore is that when they do something well, they really do it well. I just adore Parkland Green. Such a nice place to relax and I can’t wait for the East Coast Park renovation to the completed too. We are an island and should have more beach side places with dining options.

The blue sea looks so inviting at a distance, through the green. You almost forget the  blazing heat of a  very dry hot but windy February.




Shaded walks are the best.


So many butterflies attracted by the flowers.


I think I don’t appreciate our coconut trees enough. Such a pretty sight lined up by the beach. And the different shades of blue of the sea – even prettier when you’re there.







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CNY2015: Lion Dancers at ION

I couldn’t take the ear drum busting decibel levels so I didn’t get close enough for a good photo. But to hear the lion dance drums and cymbals in a mall sure is exciting. And what a captivating view from the top.






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An Old Favourite: Yakader Briyani at Tekka Market

Somehow the chicken is not as soft as I recall and the curry not as tasty but it’s still one my favourite in Singapore. The ginger milk tea (Teh Alia) at the nearby stall is really good too with a strong fresh ginger taste.

It may look like a mess but often the messier the food the tastier it is.

Also the ambience is not very nice – hot air from the vents above, but again, for tasty food it’s worth it.




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CNY 2015: Mustapha

You’ll never be bored at Mustapha.


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Blueberry White Tea

A new blueberry white tea drink ($3.70 – 140 calories) at Cedele (City Square Mall) that’s not too sweet and just a hint of blueberry flavour, but I prefer to go with Perrier ($3 – zero calories) and completely cut out the sugar if I have to. The bottle is pretty though.


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Being Personal on a Blog

Often to write something personal feels like giving away a piece of yourself.  But it is rewarding sometimes to be vulnerable and reveal your innermost thoughts.

Lately I find myself so reluctant to do so, and feel like the blog has lost a bit of its soul and that I’m just keeping it going for the sake of it since I’ve been at it for so long. A friend of mine once commented that she missed my older very heartfelt posts.

Sometimes I’m so joyous, and sometimes I’m so down on myself, feeling like such a waste of space. I have these contradictory emotions all the time.  Buoyant confidence in the morning and utter despondency at nightfall. Tell me I’m not alone.

I want to do so much and then I’m paralysed by fear, and think why bother because I won’t be successful and the effort will be futile.

What I do know is that no matter how crappy my skills, I need to keep writing. Writing helps me still my world and be more present in the moment. A time for introspection.

I’m grateful for the blog as I like to do it for an audience as well as privately in a journal. Both are comforting in their own ways (that is, minus the hurtful comments you sometimes get in the online world).

I’ll be 45 this year, but what once seemed ancient to me, seems almost strangely youthful and even hopeful. There is still so much I can do and learn.

I guess our perspectives change relative to our current age. It seems so silly to me now when I read blogs where 29 year olds lament turning 30. You’re just a baby, I want to say.

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Eye-Candy: The Fruit & Products at Meidi-ya Supermarket

I find the supermarket produce at Meidi-ya at Liang Court just the best looking supermarket products you can find in Singapore. I have never bought any of the fruit as it’s way out of our budget. Nice to look at though.

IMG_8566 IMG_8569 IMG_8580 IMG_8568 IMG_8572 IMG_8573 IMG_8581 IMG_8567 IMG_8570 IMG_8583 IMG_8565 IMG_8571


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The Goat Year & Hinamatsuri at Liang Court

I think my favourite place where I experience the Goat Year festivities is Liang Court.  I just think they do things so well and I guess I am a Japanophile?

Hinamatsuri is Doll’s Day or Girl’s Day and is celebrated each year in Japan on the 3rd of March so I guess I can revisit Liang Court to catch more of this festival. It’s a custom of displaying dolls (as the dolls are believed to have the power to remove bad spirits). The dolls must be taken down on the 4th of March though. I would love to see this festival in action in Japan. I have to confess I don’t know much about it apart from reading about it on the internet.

IMG_8592 IMG_8591 IMG_8590 IMG_8589 IMG_8588 IMG_8587 IMG_8586 IMG_8585 IMG_8584 IMG_8578 IMG_8577 IMG_8576 IMG_8575 IMG_8574 IMG_8564IMG_8593

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CNY2015: Chinese New Year Atmosphere at Great World City

Again, lovely decorations. Saw people in a frenzy – a woman with her facial mask still on, rushing to get last minute new year stuff. Had a meal at Crystal Jade La Mian (not so fantastic – perhaps the better chefs are on leave and they are understaffed today? or we should have just stuck to the usual and not try something new on the menu). I usually go with Sichuan style noodles but went with mushrooms and pork noodles instead.  The noodle portion was super generous though.  Pictured is B’s sweet and sour noodles which my mum would like.

Haven’t been to this mall in a while and was pleasantly surprised by a Krispy Kreme outlet and a renovated Starbucks (still couldn’t get a seat there even though it looks much more spacious).

I also liked the Chinese New Year themed window display at the furniture store.












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