It wasn’t as crowded as expected. Maybe because the Haze took a turn for the worse. The PSI hit the unhealthy level of 130 at 10am today. My throat feels hoarse breathing in the polluted air. Not all the shops at Vivo city were open, but there were some interesting sights like the “traffic controllers” in bright green jumpsuits, chirpy vivo city guys in bright yellow jumpsuits and funky hip hop dancers. One sported a huge afro. They really livened up the place.

check out the website for more info:
I was wondering about the name. The website says:
“The name “VivoCity”, which is derived from the word “vivacity”, evokes a lifestyle experience that is modern, stimulating and accessible to everyone, a place bubbling with energy and flowing with vitality.”

Thoughts of 2011 Me: When this new and biggest mall yet came to Singapore, there was quite a buzz. It’s still one of the more vibrant tourist popular malls around, especially with it’s pleasing architecture, the trams to Sentosa and the sea view. There’s no more Godiva store I believe, as I think it has been replaced by Max Brenner. Food service outlets have very short lifespans in Singapore.

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