I Have ‘Flight of the Conchords’ Withdrawal Symptoms

So I trolled youtube to rewatch some clips.  I miss Bret, Murray and Jermaine.  It’s like the best funniest show ever and makes me love New Zealand even more.



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6 Responses to I Have ‘Flight of the Conchords’ Withdrawal Symptoms

  1. Kirsten says:

    I love FotC. I’m so sad that I never got the opportunity to see them live! Although I did once walk past Bret and his wife pushing their baby in the pram on my way home in Wellington. If I were more of a screaming fangirl-type person I would probably have gone up and asked for a photo but as it was I was just pretty satisfied with having seen him in the flesh!

    Have you seen this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlYkIJVguCU

  2. bookjunkie says:

    Wow Kirsten….that’s so exciting!! 🙂 yeah their on stage stuff is really great too!!

  3. Kirsten says:

    I actually tend to like their stage stuff more, because it doesn’t have to really fit into a story line and can just be funny for funny’s sake!

  4. bookjunkie says:

    I would love to see them ‘live’ on stage

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