The Fluffy Sky Today

Surprisingly it didn’t rain…maybe tonight. I’m hoping.  I always sleep better to the loud patter of the rain.

Our clouds hang so low that it sometimes looks like a magical pure white bonfire on the ground.

photo of bookjunkie

photo of bookjunkie

Later, the pretty overcast sky at dusk.

photo of bookjunkie

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Blogging about life in Singapore helps me survive the mid-life crisis
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9 Responses to The Fluffy Sky Today

  1. 365days2play says:

    Cool pictures! I’ve been so busy it’s almost a luxury to be able to take some time to glance up and admire the blue sky.

  2. I know Singapore woud be a great place to visit. In the mean time, I love following your blog.


  3. whatsaysyou says:

    Lovely pictures and the beautiful white cloud is like white candy floss I wish I could pluck out from the blue blue sky.

  4. Lady J says:

    I love how you capture those blue, blue skies! There’s something calming about clouds and blue skies that I love taking as well.

  5. Lady J says:

    well said! I couldn’t agree more!

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