Kirsten you make me Proud to be Singaporean

I sometimes feel that what I blog about is so superficial, and I have been rather disillusioned lately. But you dear girl, come along with your compassion and bravery and blow me away. I am so grateful that Singapore has remarkable young ladies like yourself who are not only intelligent, but so kind. You truly give me hope for the future.

Because I follow your blog, I know that you have been tirelessly striving for a young boy who is as young as you are, but due to poverty, ignorance and going down the wrong path, he has ended up in dire circumstances. I am ashamed to say I have been blind to such issues and would have continued to remain ignorant, if not for your blog. I just can’t stop thinking about his case and because of your blog I must confess that I have laid awake at night thinking about it, unable to go to sleep.

Here is Kirsten’s beautifully written letter.

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2 Responses to Kirsten you make me Proud to be Singaporean

  1. kirsten says:

    Thank you for all the encouragement! I hope the letter will be read.

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