Nomination Day Videos

The objection raised by Vincent Wijeysingha of the SDP.

I was so excited to see the charismatic SDP team with Dr Vincent Wijeysingha leading the way. They always inspire confidence and hope.

I must say my Tamil is pretty bad, but Dr Vivian Balakrishnan’s is embarrassingly bad. I can’t make out what he said besides the greeting and thank you. Well, at least he made an effort. I shouldn’t be so mean. I actually felt a little bad that he looked so nervous.  The Video

Nicole leads the announcement from the NSP Team. Here’s the video. Who cares about age. This girl is a natural born leader.

Sylvia speaks for the Workers Party and I love that she mentioned that we Singaporeans are the secret weapon. I must say Chen Show Mao looks very dignified and he is pretty tall. Here’s the video.

And the walkover.

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6 Responses to Nomination Day Videos

  1. conrad says:

    Qn. how do you ascertain that VB’s Tamil is bad, when you concede that your fluency isn’t quite up to par? 😉

    • bookjunkie says:

      I think I can say mine is a bit better 😉 I think I can be understood even though I may have a strange slight accent. But I have to give him props for making the effort and he looked very nervous before taking the mic.

  2. conrad says:

    i’m sure your Tamil is better than his.

    Suppose I have limited proficiency in Tamil , and someone speaks fluent and relatively more varied Tamil?, that I do not understand.

    How can I know that he is actually speaking Tamil, and not some other language, and that he is more proficient in Tamil than me? (Just because I do not understand him, makes him less proficient) 😉

    As always, enjoy your lil’ snippets of Sg. Juz wanted to lighten the mood, at your expense. 😉

  3. conrad says:


    (Just because I do not understand him, does not make him less proficient) 😉

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