Rental Disputes – Borders at Wheelock and Freshness Burger at Nex

Update on 19 August 2011: No More Borders at Wheelock Place.

What I posted earlier:

The latest news is that Borders at Wheelok is closed for now due to a rental dispute. But they are not closed for business and continue their operations as usual at Parkway Parade, till this dispute is resolved.

screen shot from Borders Singapore Website

Freshness Burger is closed at Nex, and I hear it’s due to a rental dispute as well. The area where Freshness Burger used to be has been boarded up for weeks already. Makes me wonder. Is property, especially commercial property in Singapore so hot that rental rates are skyrocketing?

photo by bookjunkie

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  1. Observer says:

    Think not only that rental is rising, prices of these commercial buildings are rising that they can afford getting letting them sit idle while counting the capital gains to pad the profit and loss statement.

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