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Trip to Delhi – Day 2 (Exploring The Taj Mahal Hotel)

I was not impressed by the breakfast at the hotel. The bacon and eggs I had in Sweden was still tops, but I guess it’s my fault. I should have gone for the Indian vegetarian items instead. However, the Hotel … Continue reading

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Trip to Delhi – Day 1 (On the Way to the Taj Hotel)

The most prominent feature on the roads of Delhi were the green and yellow tuk-tuks. We saw them everywhere. And in this shot, a helicopter in the air – probably part of the tight security due to Republic Day. Also … Continue reading

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Trip to Delhi – Day 1 (Arriving at Delhi Airport)

Let me reveal my ignorance. Before this trip I had no idea that Delhi would experience a real winter and that it was located so near the Himalayas. But I did know that it was the capital of the largest … Continue reading

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How Delhi & Agra Changed Me (& 10 Things I Appreciate About Singapore)

To be honest I wasn’t looking forward to the trip as I hate flying and I had just read about the flight cancellation causing fog and dangerous pollutions levels in Delhi. But the troop really wanted to see the Taj. … Continue reading

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Went to India, didn’t get Delhi Belly but returned with Bollywood Fever

I’ve never watched a Hindi movie before as I don’t understand the language, but during this trip to India, one thing changed – I got so hooked on Bollywood music videos. Finally got to see why so many people around … Continue reading

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Been Away on a Short Trip

Hope everyone has been having a good start in the year of the water dragon. I was away in a place where there was no free wifi. Really missed using my smartphone and chatting with my cousin. Will be posting … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year 2012: Toa Payoh Hub

Wanted to check out the Chinese New Year Buzz in the heartlands. Instead of the usual dragon we noticed goldfish instead. In the day time the estate gets very hot, but at night it’s nice cool and breezy. Want a … Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea at Goodwood Park Hotel

I am yet again embarrassed to say that this is from two weeks ago. I’ve been so tardy. Had wonderful company at the high tea and we all agreed that the bread used for the sandwiches was a tad too … Continue reading

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Tea Cosy at Plaza Singapura

We had the set which cost just S$30 for two people.  The portions were very little but it was enough for us.  I guess petite is good when you don’t want to get too full. Even though the quality of … Continue reading

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Little India Sunset & Crowds on a Sunday

Posting some of my photos taken just after New Year. I have such a backlog and think I will probably go on a blog binge and then take another internet break for a week. It was a big mistake to … Continue reading

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