Gardens by the Bay: Cosy Nooks with Nice Views

Before we got the tickets for the Domes, we walked around and we were impressed by the cool benches. Those I admit were beautiful. Shaped like crocodiles or just slabs of wood. I was real happy to find that I didn’t have to stand at the end of the long queue and there was a separate section for residents.

Another gift shop where they were selling orchid gifts.

Thought the wooden crocodile bench was cool. Besides the plants, the most natural elements in this theme park garden was the various benches scattered throughout the park and the stone sculptures as well.

You had to chose which Dome to visit first once you got your tickets. I would say go for the Flower Dome as there’s a lot more to see here. Just my personal preference. Well my partner’s too.

These would be cosy nooks on quiet weekdays where you can just sit and reflect. I quite like this free area.

We were both thinking it would be awesome to live in that condo in the East with the red roofs. The people living there must have a splendid view seeing that there is nothing obstructing their view.

Another wonderful thing was the band playing downstairs and the music wafting upwards. Great acoustics and the singer was good too. Singing ‘It’s a Wonderful World’.

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  4. Crystal says:

    I think we looked at those condos when we first moved to Singapore. They were super expensive.

    • bookjunkie says:

      B tells me they were the most expensive ones in Singapore when they were first launched a decade or so ago because of the unobstructed views.

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