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Spicy Brunch

We had Prawn Mee soup recently. I used to prefer this to just plain noodle soup when I was a kid. But this time we had the Ngor Hiang as well, making it the perfect local brunch.

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Some Days this World is Hard to Fathom

I watched the movie The Dark Knight Rises and felt a chill when the random shooting scene came on. I can’t even begin to imagine how terrifying it must have been for the victims. The horrifying mass murder in a … Continue reading

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Seeing your Blog as a Butterfly

Loved this post by Guillaume with the intriguing title Butterfly. It spoke to me and I am sure most bloggers will face this dilemma too. How much to give in to the temptation for google searchable but boring titles, or … Continue reading

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A New French Cafe at Wisma?: Paris Baguette Cafe

Latest Update: I tried out the place and you can read about it here. Included loads of pictures. Update: The Cafe is now open but I am not that impressed as there was no table service and not enough cushion … Continue reading

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Kay Lee Roast Meat at 125 Paya Lebar Road

We headed to Kay Lee Roast Meat in Paya Lebar for lunch and it has a history in Singapore going back to the 70’s. I had no idea and it was my first time there. This place is supposed to … Continue reading

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Yet to Try Kopi Luwak

I talked about this very rare coffee and why I haven’t tried it yet. Satisfied myself with a tiny latte instead.

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Weird Singapore Weather

Singapore’s weather can be so wonderfully weird. Sunny in the foreground and dark threatening clouds on the horizon, not too far away. Don’t think I quite captured how contrasting it was.

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L’etoile at 160 Owen Road: Lovely Setting, Disappointing Drinks

Service felt earnest at this pretty cafe said to be inspired by French style cafes in Japan. Disappointingly though, the food and drinks did not satisfy. Think my expectations have sky rocketed since trying out all the new idie cafes … Continue reading

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Singapore: Always Something New

Just a little post about how Singapore is in constant flux. Prompted by the discovery of The Med the other day. Although it’s probably been here for ages and I’m living under a rock as usual.

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Am I Truly an Introvert?

Introverts seem to get a bad rap, but as I get older I find myself moving from slightly extroverted to more and more introverted. I always think it’s hard to put people into boxes, but I was still curious about … Continue reading

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