Canele at Plaza Singapura

This was my second time at Canele, but my first time at this outlet at Plaza Singapura’s new wing.

Whenever I feel guilty I try to have salad. But this salad was doused in salad dressing. Mentioned this to D and she said I should have asked for it on the side. And then to negate my efforts I opted for a rose macaron. Could not resist and I love the taste of rose. I have to try the rose at TWG again, because I think they still have an edge when it comes to macarons. But for sure, the staff at Canele are more welcoming, although I had to prompt for my iced water to be topped up. And they just topped up my glass and forgot about my partner’s. Insufficient training I guess.

This meal was so much more pleasant. Space made all the difference compared to our cramped affair at the Raffles City branch a year ago.


B wasn’t impressed by the tea but I liked my piccolo latte.

I would recommend the chicken ceasar salad but ask for dressing on the side.

Liked the salty crunch of the anchovies.

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  1. hi please do drip by at canele again would love to make coffee for u guys :))

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