I Pick Blogging Over Twitter or Instagram

Went on a short road trip to Malaysia and didn’t want to incur huge roaming charges so switched off that function. As a result I was bored, but there were loads of benefits.


1. When we were lost and the car GPS was sucky, I could not use my phone to search the web for directions
2. I could not blog and lost the momentum again when I got back online
3. I missed texting for free with Watsapp


1. I could sleep better as I was not wired up with all the surfing late into the night.
2. I realized that I am not as interested in twitter or instagram as I used to be. My time was diluted with so many social media platforms but the one that mattered to me the most was the blog itself and I much prefer receiving comments on the blog which I can refer to in the future. Twitter comments will soon disappear with time.
3. It dawned on me how much more traditional writing (pen on paper) I could do with the blocks of time I spend on social media.
4. My poor eyes thanked me.

When I started out I didn’t tweet or use Instagram. But it was very useful in reaching out to more bloggers. It’s just that time is limited and I easily flitter it away. I just need to focus on one thing. Will still keep those accounts though, but not as active. I’ve already forgotten about Pinterest.

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  1. Xmen says:

    FYI – The new Nokia Lumia 920 includes built-in GPS and maps and works without any carrier service. I.e. it would have worked in this case.

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