CNY2013: Chinese New Year Decorations at Nex

Was very impressed by the cute zodiac lantern animals. There were boards with fortunes for the snake year too.   I don’t believe in this kind of thing but it’s fun to read sometimes. Quite an attractive display of cranes just outside Nex too (opposite Wendy’s) and I learnt that cranes are most revered just after the phoenix. It’s the ancient symbol for longevity.

cny2013nexzodiac - 55064

cny2013nexzodiac - 55065

cny2013nexzodiac - 55066

cny2013nexzodiac - 55067

cny2013nexzodiac - 55068

cny2013nexzodiac - 55069

cny2013nexzodiac - 55070

cny2013nexzodiac - 55071

cny2013nexzodiac - 55072

cny2013nexzodiac - 55073

cny2013nexzodiac - 55074

cny2013nexzodiac - 55075

cny2013nexzodiac - 55076

cny2013nexzodiac - 55077

cny2013nexzodiac - 55078

cny2013nexzodiac - 55079

cny2013nexzodiac - 55080

cny2013nexzodiac - 55081

cny2013nexzodiac - 55082

cny2013nexzodiac - 55083

cny2013nexzodiac - 55085

cny2013nexzodiac - 55086

cny2013nexzodiac - 55087

cny2013nexzodiac - 55088

cny2013nexzodiac - 55089

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4 Responses to CNY2013: Chinese New Year Decorations at Nex

  1. germanglobetrotter says:

    i’m a tigeress (LOL!!!!) n i’ve got a plastic crane which i put near the pond in my garden in summer – to scare away the real cranes (or bigger birds) so they won’t steal the fishes from the pond… o.k., kind of random :). Meant to ask where is Nex? Thanks!

  2. Shirlyn says:

    Your blog keeps my sanity alive and acts as a constant reminder of the basic simplicities that we so often forget to appreciate amidst the social problems that Singapore is facing now. Thank you for documenting all of this 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      You are so sweet to say that Shirlyn….and for taking the time to do so. Thank you so much. Kinda keeps me sane at times too.

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