Waning Concentration in the Age of the iPhone

I often feel like I’ve stagnated if I don’t work on improving myself. But often it’s so much easier to give advice then to take it.

You see, I am trying to live up to my moniker ‘bookjunkie’ by getting back to my reading but I lack concentration. The iPhone is constantly in my hands.

To solve this, in one fell swoop I deleted all games and twitter from my iPhone. Going cold turkey.

That has helped a bit, but I still end up checking the news headlines obsessively. News about the fugitive cop Christopher Dorner, the meteor, the asteroid etc.

I found that before the ease of information assess through the internet and now the iPhone raising it up a knotch my attention span has dwindled significantly. I used to be able to read a whole book in one night. These days my mind wanders. I check up the meaning of a word and then end up researching more into the topic and it breaks my focus. I really should place my phone away when I read, but it’s just so tempting and I can’t bear not knowing the meaning of a word when it’s become so easy to check. I can even find images of it through google. But is it worth it when there is such a break in concentration. Perhaps I’ve better of just guessing at the meaning and actually finishing a book.

Often I yearn for the days prior to this information overload and attention deficit. Oh for the 90’s. I want to be able to concentrate for long hours again without any distractions. Am going to work on this.

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