Hanoi: Sofitel Metropole

The highlight of the trip to Hanoi was the stay at the elegant Sofitel Metropole and besides the fact that it was beautiful with great service was the fact that it has so much historical significance. Recently a bomb shelter was discovered and currently only guests of the hotel are given a free tour of it. I thought the guide was excellent although I had a hard time with the accent (he probably had a hard time with our accents too).

I couldn’t help taking way too many photos of the hotel itself and here is the gorgeous external facade.

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55469

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55467

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55550

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55549

The internal facade with beautiful warm lights and warm hospitality.

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55468

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55713

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55712

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55470

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55504

The swimming pool area took my breath away.

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55516

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55518

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55517

The display for Tet.

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55530

The breakfast with the most divine mangoes.

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55760

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55759

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55758

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55757

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55547

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55546

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55545

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55544

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55543

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55542

Turn down service included macarons.

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55669

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55538

The hotel was even prettier at night.

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55708

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55707

hanoitrip2013iphone - 55520

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4 Responses to Hanoi: Sofitel Metropole

  1. adel says:

    wow, really a beautiful hotel!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Stunning photos! Makes me want to book a ticket and check out that hotel!

    • bookjunkie says:

      It was one of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed at and it was quite a treat. Made me forget about the pollution outside the hotel.

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