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The Allure of Junk Food in Singapore

Why is it so hard to stick to a healthier diet. Well they do say that junk food can be an addiction as well, similar to crack cocaine stimulating pleasure centers in the brain. They say that about video games … Continue reading

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If I Crave for Mushroom Soup I’ll Head to Poulet

Although I should be steering myself towards clear soups, I have to admit the mushroom soup at Poulet was really satisfying. It surprised me.

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Baby Steps

I’ve been taken with the idea of self improvement lately. Over the years I have attempted change and find that baby steps is the way to go.

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Hanoi: Sofitel Metropole

The highlight of the trip to Hanoi was the stay at the elegant Sofitel Metropole and besides the fact that it was beautiful with great service was the fact that it has so much historical significance. Recently a bomb shelter … Continue reading

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Attempting to Eat Healthy in Singapore

My cousin D always eats healthy in Australia and sent me a photo of her meal. The problem is I haven’t quite acquired the taste for salmon but perhaps I don’t know how to prepare it properly. And I have … Continue reading

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Ask A Grown Man: With Jon Hamm

Just had to share as I know there are probably lots of young readers half my age. And it’s Jon Hamm. Although young readers may not watch Mad Men or know who Jon Hamm is. Ah well. It’s funny. [youtube]fkIPwx7_6Vg[/youtube]

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I need more good rituals to anchor my day. Right now one of those rituals is making my bed and just the sight of a made bed makes me happy. Crumbled sheets somehow disturb my mood these days. It’s a … Continue reading

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Exercise & Writing Routines of Famous People

I am very keen on studying routines of famous successful and happy people and trying to emulate them. It’s so often that I start off the day with great intentions but end the day with the awful realization that I … Continue reading

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Children in Hanoi During Tet

The children in Hanoi were enchanting, posing for their parents during the Tet festival. The Vietnamese people seem to be very family oriented and I noticed they were very gentle and loving with their kids. Here were children tucking into … Continue reading

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People Watching in Hanoi

Something I enjoy during travels is people watching. I like to observe the current fashion in the country as well. Just like in Singapore, red seems to be a lucky colour for Tet (the Vietnamese new year). Girls tend to … Continue reading

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