Thai Express: Convenient Place to satisfy that Tom Yam Soup Craving

The authentic Thai food at Golden Mile can’t beat this. But considering this is a chain restaurant and Thai food in a mall, Thai Express beat my expectations (this was at Tampines 1). I quite like the tom yam soup with is deceptively clear yet spicy. The basil chicken is very tasty and fragrant. The green curry was good but definitely made me long for the much superior green curry at Nana’s (Golden Mile again). I’ve had better sticky rice desserts but this was all right to satisfy a craving. The Thai tea was not overly sweet. The worse part of the experience is the price tag – just way too steep.

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  1. I’ve to agree with you! I love Thai express, although I can’t admit it in front of fellow food bloggers because some of them are snobs.

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