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I Hardly Know Anything About Chicago

My impression of Chicago is: 1. Deliciously cold weather unlike Singapore, with snowy winters 2. Land of Oprah 3. Deep dish pizzas 4. Basketball – the Chicago Bulls? 5. Very high crime rates in some areas away from the city? … Continue reading

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Other Bloggers’ Trips: New Orleans

One way of wetting your appetite before a big trip is to read about it on other people’s blogs. I came across some gems with the most enticing photos and words that appealed to my senses: The architecture, culture and … Continue reading

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Fun Travel Lists: New Orleans

Lists are a pretty fun way to get to know a city. Before any trip I always wet my appetite with lists. Also it’s easier to read lists online than a whole chunk of text. 9 New Orleans Foods You’ve … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know Much About New Orleans

If I’ve never travelled somewhere, there’s just a vague picture of it in my mind based on what I’ve seen on TV or read in a book. If it’s not a huge city like New York for instance, and a … Continue reading

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Pinwheel of Death

My iMac is frustrating. It’s always showing the pinwheel of death. It slows down and halts projects for me. I tend to then force quit applications and wonder what further damage I am creating. Yes, I am not that tech … Continue reading

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Been Stuck, & About Those Library Books I Need to Return Pronto

The words haven’t been stuck but I’ve been reluctant to share what’s on my mind as it all seems just too self-indulgent or worried my private thoughts may be misconstrued. Now and then I do get depressed and anxious over … Continue reading

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Happy Year of the Horse

Another glimpse of the magnificent horse at Chinatown. It’s been cool but today clear skies reigned and it was hard to keep my eyes open in the sun’s glare. So bring out your sunglasses if you’re visiting Singapore.

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Chinese New Year at Takashimaya

The annual fair that we usually check out at the Takashimaya basement end today. You can get huge ang pow packets there.

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Year of the Horse at My Village

Have always felt the decorations at My Village in Serangoon Gardens to be particularly charming.

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Total Opposite of a Social Butterfly

I don’t like bumping into people from my ‘past lives’ (when you’re old enough you will have this). This imp’s blog post reminded me of it and thank goodness I’m not such a misfit after all. There are people with … Continue reading

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