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Feeling Extreme Anxiety & Worthlessness

Been feeling especially insecure lately. Exceptionally down emotionally. Don’t feel like a worthy human being. Or at least in this world that values superficial things and status. This world where bullies thrive and aggression is rewarded. I just want peace … Continue reading

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Been Stuck, & About Those Library Books I Need to Return Pronto

The words haven’t been stuck but I’ve been reluctant to share what’s on my mind as it all seems just too self-indulgent or worried my private thoughts may be misconstrued. Now and then I do get depressed and anxious over … Continue reading

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Time Well Spent vs Time Badly Spent

We all have a fixed amount of time and at the end of it we all die, so I’m reminding myself to not waste a precious second, if I can help it. It’s spurred me to make this list. A … Continue reading

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Happiness Gift that Banishes Negativity for a While

I need an off switch for my mind. Here I am, awake at 4am and unable to go back to sleep due to worry. What better to do than to compose a blog post. Haven’t been updating the blog lately … Continue reading

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Worries & Wishes

Wish I could stop being such a worry wart but I think it’s genetically programmed in me to be anxious. Sometimes that can be a good thing because I tend to get things done due to anxiety, but when the … Continue reading

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No More Texting or Tweeting in Bed

I feel a need to declare this on my blog so that I will be accountable and embarrassed if I fail. Have tried to stop bringing my phone to bed, but I always give in to the temptation. It’s an … Continue reading

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I don’t even hope for happiness. All I hope for is peace of mind and no more of this zero self esteem. It has plummeted so low and I feel like a total failure. I just have to keep writing … Continue reading

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Hermit Tendencies

I am increasingly becoming a social recluse. I often wish I could make myself disappear to avoid painful interactions. My old social care-free self seems like a lifetime ago. And perhaps I was never really that social, but just going … Continue reading

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I’m Not Normal

I was wondering whether to write about this. Was thinking about it for the past three days. Sometimes I write posts in my head but never type them out. Was lying in bed feeling anxious again. It’s the reason why … Continue reading

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Exploring how to Find Inner Peace

Wow. What Jim Carrey expresses is something I have tormented myself with as well. Wish it was easier to live in the moment rather than to worry about future events that haven’t yet occured. Sometimes things we imagine will be … Continue reading

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