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My Favourite Free iPad Apps for Toddlers

Ironically after writing a post about the hazards of being connected (due to the ease and portability of devices), I also wrote about my favourite free ipad apps for toddlers. Yes there are advantages we can’t ignore and we have … Continue reading

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Happiness Gift that Banishes Negativity for a While

I need an off switch for my mind. Here I am, awake at 4am and unable to go back to sleep due to worry. What better to do than to compose a blog post. Haven’t been updating the blog lately … Continue reading

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How Far Back Can You Remember?

Would love to hear about your earliest childhood memories and what age you were at the time. It seems most people can only recall as far back as age 6. Makes me wonder if there are suppressed memories. Wrote about … Continue reading

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My Darling Nieces

Love my nieces beyond words. Just one smile from them can last me for days. Even when they are grouchy they are so cute. When they are in distress you just want to make it better. Life is so much … Continue reading

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Being An Aunt

In a world that’s pretty mum centric it can sometimes be lonely to be just the aunt.  But I am so utterly grateful for the chance to be one. Share my thoughts about it here. My own life wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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National Night

A witty satirical music video by Mentos which makes fun of our government’s anxiety that Singaporeans are not producing enough babies. To me it also might be poking fun at sexist rap videos (I take it that way or some … Continue reading

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My Thoughts about Not Being a Mum

I wrote a very personal post at Guillaume’s blog, White as Milk, about what it feels like to not be a mum.  Hope it’s not too much of a downer. But just in that moment I felt that expressing those feelings … Continue reading

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Lovely Ann Siang Hill: Little Drom Store, Kki, Wild Child & Wood in the Books

My new favourite area is Duxton Hill, but Ann Siang Hill is pretty sweet as well. Our first stop was the Little Drom Store which includes Kki. All within the same charming store. The little cakes blew me away with … Continue reading

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I’m Excited about my New Adventure at White as Milk

I am really thrilled that Guillaume of White as Milk (WAM) invited me to contribute on his blog. The best part? He was totally fine with me being a hermit & wanting to remain anonymous (most people would think that … Continue reading

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Helsinki’s Biggest Mall: Stockmann (& My Thoughts about Culture)

I am sure Singaporeans will be interested to know about the malls in Helsinki. Well the biggest one in Finland is Stockmann. I noticed loads of mums and kids in this and other malls. In Helsinki, there were mums pushing … Continue reading

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