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Worries & Wishes

Wish I could stop being such a worry wart but I think it’s genetically programmed in me to be anxious. Sometimes that can be a good thing because I tend to get things done due to anxiety, but when the … Continue reading

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No mood or energy to do anything. Your mind is wandering. Everything feels raw and you’re in limbo. Paralyzed by fear. Surreal But you have to go through the motions. Immerse yourself in work and carry on. Be detached and … Continue reading

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Does Age Matter in the Blogging World?

I have been reading blogs of girls who are half my age. And then I wondered. Is it creepy for them that someone who is closer to their mum’s age is reading their blog? Is it too childish of me … Continue reading

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Turning 40

I have just half a year left to relish my 30’s and it has put me into panic mode.  If my life was in order I would be fine with the number, but it’s in shambles.  I am filled with … Continue reading

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