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Other Bloggers’ Trips: New Orleans

One way of wetting your appetite before a big trip is to read about it on other people’s blogs. I came across some gems with the most enticing photos and words that appealed to my senses: The architecture, culture and … Continue reading

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Pinwheel of Death

My iMac is frustrating. It’s always showing the pinwheel of death. It slows down and halts projects for me. I tend to then force quit applications and wonder what further damage I am creating. Yes, I am not that tech … Continue reading

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Tibetan Temple in Singapore

I had no idea there was a Tibetan temple in Singapore. We chanced upon it when B brought me to the Lavender Street hawker centre for the famous Wan Tan Mee. The stall was closed so we headed elsewhere for … Continue reading

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Clueless about Cloud Storage. Please Help?

This is something critical I need to do, so how better to get it in the forefront of my mind then to write about it. But on this matter I tend to procrastinate even though it’s so important to me. … Continue reading

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JB After the Malaysian Elections: A Sea of Blue

It was interesting to be in JB the day after the Malaysian elections. It was a sea of blue.  The streets were also pretty quiet and the traffic less heavy. Perhaps everyone was expecting it to be rowdy the day … Continue reading

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My First Time at the SEA Aquarium (Sentosa)

There are some unusual sea creatures I saw here that I’ve never seen before and for that I guess it was worth the huge ticket price of S$29. The tanks here are pretty massive and more impressive than the previous … Continue reading

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Hanoi: Sofitel Metropole

The highlight of the trip to Hanoi was the stay at the elegant Sofitel Metropole and besides the fact that it was beautiful with great service was the fact that it has so much historical significance. Recently a bomb shelter … Continue reading

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CNY2013: I Could Not Take the Scorching Heat at Chinatown

The blinding glare of the sun and the heat combined to give me a splitting headache, but the abundance of light made for great photos. I was wondering how the tourists from cold climates could bear this. I must prefer … Continue reading

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Felt Out of Place at the Currently Coolest Coffee Joint – Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Even though I knew I would not fit in at that place (being the old fogie that I am), I still craved to see it for myself and try the coffee. Businesses in Singapore come and go so fast that … Continue reading

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My Visit to Greenwich V at Night

Blogged about it here.

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