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Rangoon Road: Ba Kut Teh at Ng Ah Sio Again

Felt like having something relatively light after all the heavy meals so headed to our usual place for bak kut teh. I just have the yu tiao with rice and soup as I don’t care for light coloured meat.My preference … Continue reading

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My Favourite Prata: Sin Ming Roti Prata

This is definitely my favourite kosong prata (plain prata) – fluffy on the outside and with a dense chewiness on the inside. Tried it twice now, but the first time I was so greedy, I forgot to take photos. I … Continue reading

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Fluffiest Prata by Mr & Mrs Mohgan at Crane Road

I’ve been meaning to try the plain prata at Crane Road (East of Singapore). But being greedy as I am I ordered the egg one as well. The verdict is, the next time I come here it will be all … Continue reading

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Prata Craving Satisfied at Thohirah

Decided to go the unhealthy route and have some prata. I would have preferred the curry to be thicker and spicier though. We were at Jalan Kayu so this was the nearest place for prata and service was prompt. I … Continue reading

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Yummy Prata Curry at Ang Mo Kio

Feeling guilty for overindulging, but the curry they serve at the prata stall (R R Indian Food) at Lim Kopi Food Court (Block 107, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4) is so good. Not watery and disappointing like I’ve had at … Continue reading

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What Type of Prata Do You Prefer?

I wrote about my prata preferences at White as Milk.

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Shibly Prata & Biscuit King Next Door

Made another visit to Shibly Prata which is very near Lower Pierce Reservoir, and if you come here you also have to check out the Biscuit King next day for a bit of nostalgia. It’s where you can get 70’s … Continue reading

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The Poster: My Sister Loves Shibly Prata

I was pretty excited when I came across a poster, just yesterday, using a quote of mine. Well actually the the blog title of my post about Shibly Prata. It was a post I wrote way back in July last … Continue reading

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Food I Miss & Crave for After a Trip Abroad

After this recent trip, it was confirmed again. The food I crave for is always wan tan mee. For most people it seems to be chicken rice or hokkien mee but not for me. I love wan tan mee, especially … Continue reading

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#72. We Really Truly are a Melting Pot of Cultures

You can see it in our food and the unique Singaporean accent, and of course Singlish.  Some of the Indian or Chinese food you see sold in Singapore, you won’t find in India or China and I think that is … Continue reading

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