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At the Beach: Outside East Coast Lagoon Hawker Centre

We just needed a day to gaze at the sea.

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Another Lovely Day at Parkland Green

What I love about Singapore is that when they do something well, they really do it well. I just adore Parkland Green. Such a nice place to relax and I can’t wait for the East Coast Park renovation to the … Continue reading

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New Space to Relax: Lovely Parkland Green

I had no idea that Parkland Green existed till B suggested we go there. Parts of it hardly looked like Singapore. I loved the section of trees that in a distance made me feel like I was transported to a … Continue reading

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Beach Day: East Coast

It’s been hard getting back into the swing of things but I figure short and sweet posts are better than radio silence. My life has been blessed though with angelic nieces who bring more joy than I could imagine. I … Continue reading

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Beach Day

Back to Changi beach and before that a relaxing brunch at Jacob’s Cafe. If it wasn’t so blazing hot I wouldn’t mind swimming here. Wish most days could be cool and drizzly, although I know not many people share this … Continue reading

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East Coast Beach Rather than a Mall

Had satay at East Coast Lagoon Beach and then walked to this area where we watched people on water skis at the artificial lake. The ships at sea are always a captivating sight and in that way our Singapore beaches … Continue reading

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Storm Clouds Gathered at East Coast Beach

A stormy day at East Coast Beach. The sky threatened, but we did not let it keep us away till fat droplets hit our faces. Warm rain is not strange to us here. And somehow. If you didn’t tell me … Continue reading

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Longing for a Luxury Holiday in Bintan

Took a trip down memory lane instead. I’m old enough to not be embarrassed to say I hate roughing it out. Done it before in my early twenties. Happily even. On spartan bunk beds. My good friend E will remember. … Continue reading

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Suri Cruise Skips in the Sand in Heels

Only Suri Cruise can skip in the sand in heels. Even if you asked me now, I couldn’t do it. I worry about her ankles, but I must admit that I am mesmerized by this celebrity tot. Loving that pink … Continue reading

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Uniquely Singapore Beaches

I think this is the few places on earth where you can spot huge ships and tankers at the beach. Not so good for swimming, but it’s quite a glorious sight from a distance. All those coconut trees at East … Continue reading

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