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Looking Back

Grateful for every single visit I got in the hospital and at home since I was diagnosed this January. Each of those visits made the journey so much more bearable and even brought so many moments of joy. Feel so … Continue reading

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The thing that makee me the happiest is family harmony and love. Nothing beats warm hugs from loved ones. I think most of my family have no idea how much I love them. I don’t really express it, but I … Continue reading

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Great Week

Been having a great week. I think it’s because my double operation wounds (hysterectomy followed by laparoscopic surgery) are healing. Previously I had to start chemo before the wounds had completely healed so was in a lot of pain and … Continue reading

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Best Day in Months

Visited my Aunt, Uncle and nieces today and felt so much joy and love it was indescribable. I was on cloud nine. Energized me so much that chemo fatigue was truly non existent. The innocence, pure love and exuberance of … Continue reading

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About Being Positive And Cancer

I had a good mind to start a whole new secret private blog for cancer, but I decided, heck it, I’m writing from my heart, and writers have to be brutally honest, so I just have to hope that people … Continue reading

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The Worst Part of Cancer

The worst part is definitely a sense of loosing your independence and not being able to do what you used to. I feel it most painfully in the simple things like not being able to carry my nieces or run … Continue reading

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There’s Nothing More Precious then a Talking Toddler

Yes I often gush about my nieces because they are so gush worthy (I’m sure every aunt or uncle feels the same). Just wish I could stay in the moment for longer. In the moment of their pure innocence. I … Continue reading

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Time is Precious

I haven’t been writing from the heart. Being afraid of revealing too much and loosing my privacy. Writing from the heart is what comes naturally to me so that’s why I’ve been having writer’s block. It’s a self imposed state. … Continue reading

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Clueless about Cloud Storage. Please Help?

This is something critical I need to do, so how better to get it in the forefront of my mind then to write about it. But on this matter I tend to procrastinate even though it’s so important to me. … Continue reading

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Drink & Dessert Set at Paul (& My Patient Cousin)

After being disappointed by the closed queue at Laduree we still had macarons on our mind. So we both opted for the S$12.90 set at Paul which included macarons. Alas, they were just sweet and not great. The cream brulee … Continue reading

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