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Shibly Prata & Biscuit King Next Door

Made another visit to Shibly Prata which is very near Lower Pierce Reservoir, and if you come here you also have to check out the Biscuit King next day for a bit of nostalgia. It’s where you can get 70’s … Continue reading

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My Third Visit to the Children Little Museum at Kampong Glam

It’s still interesting when you come with someone who hasn’t been here yet. Nice to witness their reaction and the childhood memories it brings back for them. It was worth paying for the S$2 ticket again to see the upstairs … Continue reading

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This South Indian dessert might be a bit too sweet for many, but it’s one of my favourites. I explain why here. I have a preference for South Indian food while my sister prefers North Indian food although Payasam is … Continue reading

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Were Things Really Better in the Old Days?

Wrote more about my childhood. Hope you will like the post I wrote some time ago and will share your thoughts too. In all honesty, still feeling really down and finding it tough to write about temporarily happy occasions. Been … Continue reading

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My JB Post, with a Bit of Nostalgia

Got a new post out at White as Milk. It’s a bit more about my recent trip to JB.

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I Rant About Singapore Weather

I talk about this Bath Mat and it triggers a long, kinda weirdly related rant about the weather. You can read it here.

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Soon CDs will be Antiques

Wanted this Bob Dylan CD but didn’t get it in the end. These days we only get a few songs from an album rather than the whole CD, for a lot less. With iTunes, CDs are becoming relics. I remember … Continue reading

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Uniquely Singapore Red Letterboxes

Saw these at the Red Dot Museum.

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80’s Rock Ballads: Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse

I was a teen of the 80’s and I think there’s nothing sweeter than an 80’s rock ballad.  So many incredible ballads and it was all about the melodies.  The music video was deliciously cheesy but back then it was … Continue reading

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Singapore Daily Photo: The 7am Sky

When I was a kid the sun seemed to rise a whole lot earlier. These days it only starts to get bright at 7am as the sun rises. In our history, I believe we set our clocks forward, by half … Continue reading

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