NDP 2010 Song and Mr Brown’s Version About His Xiao Char Bor

I had never heard the National Day Parade Song before, but first saw Mr Brown’s (Singapore’s most famous blogger apart from Wendy Cheng) spoof which was pretty darn good as usual. He can actually sing! Xiao Char Bor means crazy woman in hokkien which if you’re Singaporean, you’d know already.


I then decided to check out the original, because the melody was pretty nice. It was written and sung by Corrine May a singer born in SIngapore, but based in LA. The lastest news is that she’s be singing it live at the parade. I must say it’s still pretty melodramatic in terms of the video shoot, but way better than previous years, especially with a professional singer, great cinematography and good looking kids.


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2 Responses to NDP 2010 Song and Mr Brown’s Version About His Xiao Char Bor

  1. J says:

    The kway teow and the hum cracks me up 😀

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