Who’s Shopping and Helping Our Economy?

We can thank the Indonesians, Chinese and Indians.  A study of spending among tourists during the January to September 2010 period shows the Indonesians topping the list followed by the Chinese and Indians.

Indonesians:USD 1.58 billion

Chinese:USD 0.95 billion

Indians: USD 575 million

The Tourist Promotion Board revealed that tourists from India and China spent mostly on shopping while the Indonesians spent mostly on health expenses.  This is definitely not a surprise to me.  Specialist clinics are crowded with mainly Indonesian patients, and I do see Indian tourists packing Mustafa – the 24 hour shopping centre at Singapore’s Little India. They seem to buy big-ticket items like electronics as well as loads of gold jewellery.

This is also probably why we have tons of malls here.

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