Been Meaning to Visit a Real Jewish Deli: Sacha & Sons

Ever since watching an engaging documentary called Deli Man on Jewish Delis, I have been more than keen to try out an authentic place in Singapore. Namely the one at Mandarin Gallery.

I went with sky high expectations (you would too, after watching the show) so I was a little bit disappointed not to be blown away like the people were in the documentary (although that was based on a years old deli in New York). The food was great but I guess I expected more for the prices. Also as usual in Singapore, the dining space was crammed and you needed to leave you mobile number for them to call you when a table was ready. It didn’t take too long – about 20 minutes I think.

The cream cheese topping on the bagel was very generous but then again prices were steep  – $8 for a bagel. My partner expected much bigger portions for his sandwich (aka American style like those in the documentary where you have a hard time even putting your mouth around the sandwich).

Perhaps it would be a more pleasant experience if we had come here on a weekday and wouldn’t have to sit in such close quarters to the other guests (meaning it was hard to have a conversation). Service was generally polite though.

I wouldn’t mind visiting again to try other items on the menu. As you can tell from the receipt, the visit was some time ago in July.














Here’s a review by blogger Ms Skinnyfat which was a good read. I think she knows her New York Delis a lot better than me. And another one by Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow with an interesting breakdown about what to order.

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  1. Pooja says:

    This deli isn’t very authentic at all. Its bagels were an utter fail.

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